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All About Dr Benny Fan


Dr. Benny Fan's family have been practising TCM for over three generations. His grandfather was a Shaolin monk and expert in Chinese medicine, Qigong and Martial arts. Dr Benny Fan began learning Chinese medicine, Qigong and Shaolin traditional medicine from his great grandfather since he was seven years old.

He l Xu Gongwei, a famous Chinese medicine expert and the instructor of martial art in the army of Guo Ming Party, to study Chinese medicine, Qigong and Kung Fu.

Xu's teacher, Zhao Yifan, was the nominated doctor and bodyguard of the emperor during the Qing Dynasty. Dr Benny Fan also trained with Yu Zheng Sheng, who was a also Shaolin & Chaquan Master.

His many years of training and practise lead to one thing- Dr Benny Fan's mastery of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Benny has obtained a Bachelor's degree of Chinese medicine & acupuncture in China. He also holds a Master's degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of Sydney. Dr Benny Fan has helped many patients who came to him for treatments since starting out his career over 25 years ago in Sydney. His patients come from all across the world to seek treatment with his expertise in TCM and acupuncture.

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